Know the Price

CNC Profile Cutting Machines

  • Ability to use and display real - time motion and I/O data.
  • A 1 KHz servo-loop data rate.
  • Reduction of ISA bus traffic and no wasted CPU time communicating to another CPU.
  • Dramatic increase in calculation speed resulting from the use of the dual-processor.
  • Forward and Backup along path off-path lead-in and cut-loss recovery.

Instollation and Setup Features

  • Complete built in test for easy hook-up system test, and configuration.
  • Built in user programmable process control logic for Qxy-Fuel, Plasma, Laser and Water Jet cutting.
  • User programmable general purpose I/O for special gas control sequencing.
  • Programmable axis and control

Hardware Specifications

  • VGA Colour, LCD Display.
  • hard disk and 1.44Mbyte Floppy disk drive.
  • Onwards 24 Lines of interface signals for cutting and motion logic (gas control, tracing system, markers, homing, etc.) Including 12 outputs rated at 24VDC and 12 inputs for 24VDC.
  • Industrial grade enclosure and keypad designed to minimize RFI/EMI interference.
  • Surface Mount printed circuit board technology.
  • Four axis optically isolated circuit board technology.
  • Optically isolated serial port with programmable baud rates to 115 K baud.
  • Universal power input (230 V 50 Hz)
  • Operating environment: 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F); 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)