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MULTICUT model is popular predominantly in structural application and prefabricated structure applications, wherein high volumes of strip cutting are involved. MUTLICUT machines consists of multiple gas cutting torches which operate simultaneously enabling uniform heat input to the cut edges thereby reducing warpage or shifting of plates.

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  • Low cost and highly productive solution for strip cutting application
  • Strip cutting console ensures straight-line cutting without need for CNC controller
  • Option of CNC controller is available to cut profiles in addition to strips
  • Multiple torch settings can be carried out through the strip cutting console
Process Gas cutting
Effective cutting width 1.5 m to 4 m
Effective cutting length 6 m to 24 m
Positioning speed 0 – 10,000 mm/min
Cutting thickness 200 mm by single torch

100 mm by 2 torches simultaneously

50 mm by 4 torches simultaneously

25 mm by 8 torches simultaneously