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Pro-Arc offers wide range of solutions for edge-preparation along their wide-range of CNC profile cutting machines. These solutions range from manually swivel-able bevel adaptors for gas cutting and manually swivel-able bevel heads for plasma cutting to triple torch rotary bevel systems with gas cutting and 5-axis rotary bevel solutions with plasma cutting.

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  • Up/ down slide for Z-axis motion. This is a ball screw and LM guide slide which provides smooth motion for the Z-axis
  • Digital AC servomotor and drive controls up/down motion of the station
  • Three torch assembly with manually adjustable bevel angles. Centre torch cuts the root while the leading and lagging torches cut the bevel edges
  • Sophisticated leak-proof rotary coupling carrying fuel gas and oxygen
  • Resistive torch height control for rotary bevel station
  • Rotary axis (C-axis) is controlled by CNC controller
  • Digital AC servo motor and drive maintains accurate control over rotary axis motion