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Inferno-Apex X1

Inferno-Apex X1

The Apex product line combines strength and superior motion control to create an extremely high-performance plasma and/or oxyfuel cutting machine. This flagship series is designed for heavy-duty cutting, high precision and maximum productivity. Its high-quality components make it the most durable and robust CNC plasma machine series in its class.

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  • features

    • - Robust build quality for unmatched machine life and productivity
    • - Quicker setup and lower idle time
    • - Best in class machine motion for highly precise cuts
    • - Industry 4.0 compliant systems

  • specifications
    Process Gas Cutting, Plasma Cutting
    Effective cutting width 1.25 m - 8 m
    Effective cutting length Infinte - Modular rails ensure long lengths for the machine
    Positioning speed 0 - 12,000 mm/min
    Cutting thickness 0.5 mm – 120 mm MS by plasma cutting
    1 mm – 160 mm SS by plasma cutting
    6 mm – 300 mm MS by gas cutting