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Inferno-Edge E3

Inferno-Edge E3

Inferno-Edge E3 model offers comprehensive solution to a customer’s plate and pipe cutting requirement. The same oxy fuel/plasma head does both, the pipe and plate cutting thereby reducing costs and increasing flexibility.

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  • features

    • - Highly robust and rigid mechanical structure
    • - Excellent cut quality and lower operating costs
    • - Advanced control system with touch-screen interface
    • - Air conditioned control panel ensures high reliability of electronics even in harsh workshop conditions
    • - Useful for medium to heavy-duty cutting
    • - Designed for 24x7 working with minimum down-time
    • - Easy to operate GUI ensures less setup time and quicker turnaround time
    • - Marking options such as punch marking, power marking and plasma marking available
    • - Various edge-preparation facilities available in gas and plasma cutting
    • - Modular design ensures machine length can be increased in the future
    • - Longitudinal axis motion is guided by heavy-duty machined railway rails
    • - Self-centering jaws enable quick setup time
    • - Manual, pneumatic or hydraulic clamping based on pipe diameter and weight
    • - Profile cutting on pipes through synchronized rotary motion of chuck and motion
    • - Easy switchover on controller between pipe and plate cutting

  • specifications
    Process Gas Cutting, Plasma Cutting
    Effective cutting width 1.25 m to 8 m
    Effective cutting length Infinte - Modular rails ensure long lengths for the machine
    Positioning speed 0 - 12,000 mm/min
    Pipe Diameter Range ⌀ 50 mm to 200 mm
    Pipe Clamping Manual, Pneumatic, Hydraulic
    Idler Support At equal intervals depending on length of pipes