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Lumos-Fury F6

Lumos-Fury F6

Lumos-Fury F6 offers highly automated solution for laser cutting with easy to operate machines for tube cutting. A value for money solution that makes cutting an enjoyable proposition.

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  • features

    • - State of the art pipe processing for Round, Oval, Rectangular tubes.
    • - High precision & high-pressure servo-control valve efficiently controls the cutting gas and pneumatic chuck, to achieve the best cutting quality.
    • - Automatic loading & unloading reduces production time.
    • - Slide-away cutting head with proven technical parameters for efficient cutting of square and rectangular pipes.
    • - Auto tube recognition system for switching of different diameters and lengths to select appropriate parameter from library resulting in substantial time saving and reduction in material loss.
    • - Robust auto feeding and rotation system to ensure strong support, minimizing axis swing and improving accuracy.

  • specifications
    Model Unit T3000 T6000 T9000 T12000
    Effective Tube Cutting Length
    (*We also offer customized bed sizes)
    mm 3000 6000 9000 12000
    Effective Pipe Cutting Diameter mm 20 - 340
    Effective Square Tube Cutting Size
    (*We also offer customized bed sizes)
    mm 15 - 150*
    Laser Power W 1000 - 12000
    X/Y axis Positioning Accuracy mm/m ±0.05
    X/Y axis Repositioning Accuracy mm/m ±0.02
    Acceleration G 1.5
    Max Idle Speed m/min 120