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MULTIPRO model combines PROCUT and MULTICUT models wherein one side of the gantry has CNC controller gas and plasma systems for profile cutting application and other side of the gantry has multi-torch oxyfuel cutting torches for strip cutting.

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  • features

    • - Combination of CNC based profile cutting and multi-torch strip cutting processes
    • - Easy one time setting for strip cutting
    • - Uniform heat input due to multi-torch mechanism ensure that the plates do not warp while cutting
    • - Highly robust and rigid mechanical system
    • - Longitudinal axis motion over machined railway rails
    • - Low on maintenance
    • - Easy to use
    • - Designed for 24x7 working with minimum down-time

  • specifications
    Process Gas Cutting, Plasma Cutting
    Effective cutting width 1.5 m to 4 m
    Effective cutting length 3 m to 24 m
    Positioning speed 0 - 12,000 mm/min
    Cutting thickness 0.5 mm – 50 mm MS by plasma cutting
    1 mm – 32 mm SS by plasma cutting
    6 mm – 200 mm SS by gas cutting