Laser welding automation solutions

Bond-Optica T1

Bond-Optica T2

Intelligent automation for efficient productivity

Optica series is a wide range of Laser Welding automation systems that has set the bar high for metal forming works with incredible speeds across manufacturing units, customized for a variety of applications.


Bond - Optica T Series


Bond - Optica T1 - Fiber laser welding automation solution for railway coach manufacturing

Bond - Optica T2 - Fiber laser welding automation solution for pillow plate / dimple jackets manufacturing, with custom weld patterns for heat exchangers, falling films, etc.

  • Robust and ergonomic design with customized solutions to meet production processing requirements, flexibility and high expansibility
  • Intelligent control system for easy operation
  • Best-in-class welding heads with optimized work parameters for high volume production
  • Easy positioning, infeed and outfeed of components
  • Servo driven clamping system with fully adjustable force & stroke
  • Automatic focus height adjustment for constant weld quality
  • Spatter-free high-quality welding seams

Bond - Optica T1

Bond - Optica T2

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