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Inferno - Edge E1

Inferno - Edge E2

Behold India’s most trusted CNC cutting machines

The Edge series boasts unmatched performance powered by a heavy-duty steel body that helps you boost your bottom line by introducing a higher standard of accuracy, speed and scalability. This product line is the most sold machine from our range of machines due to the versatility and flexibility that this machine offers. This machine can be offered for regular profile cutting applications and can also be combined with strip cutting applications and pipe cutting applications offering more options for structural fabrication. This machine work well with the complete range of plasmas from the entry-level plasma systems to the high-definition plasma systems making profile cutting a gratifying proposition.

Plate cutting
Edge Preparation
Strip Cutting
Pipe Cutting
Pipe Beveling

Inferno - Edge Series


Edge E1 - Robust machines suitable for oxyfuel cutting and entry and medium level air plasma cutting machines, ARM-based controller

Edge E2 - Robust machines suitable for oxyfuel cutting and medium-level and high-definition plasma cutting machines, Windows based controller

Edge E1S & E2S - Edge E1/E2 machines with profile cutting capability in the front side of the gantry and multi-torch strip cutting capability in the rear side of the gantry

Edge E1P & E2P - Edge E1/E2 machines with plate and pipe cutting arrangement

  • Moderate gantry design supported on machined railway rails
  • Built with sturdy components to ensure high reliability
  • Linear motion guide mounted on the gantry for precise motion of torch stations
  • Spur / helical racks and pinions for precise motion
  • Power transmission along X & Y axes through digital AC servomotors and low backlash planetary gearboxes
  • Dual synchronized servo motors for gantry motion along longitudinal direction
  • Ball screw slides for precise vertical motion of torches
  • Operator seat that moves with the gantry in order to minimize operator fatigue
  • Auto plate alignment for reduced setup time
  • Collision protection for plasma heads
  • Enhanced safety features
  • Extended features include pipe/ tube cutting, marking, triple torch oxyfuel straight bevel head for weld edge preparation, underwater cutting.

Edge E1 & E2
Model Edge E1 Edge E2
Processes Oxy-fuel and/or Plasma
Application Medium to Heavy-duty cutting application, flexibility to add multiple processes
Machine Structure Gantry simply supported at both ends by machined railway rails
Working Widths 1,500 mm - 4,000 mm 1,500 mm - 4,000 mm
Track Width 2,500 mm - 5,000 mm 2,500 mm - 5,000 mm
Maximum Working length 30,000 mm 40,000 mm
Lifter Stroke 100 mm / 200 mm / 300 mm
Cutting Capacity:
Oxy-fuel 6 mm - 100 mm / 200 mm (Higher cutting thicknesses on demand)
Plasma 0.5 mm – 100 mm MS
1 mm – 100 mm SS
1 mm – 100 mm Al
Cutting thickness depends on the plasma system offered
Maximum plasma torches 2 2
Maximum oxy-fuel torches 6 6
Maximum Position Speed 12,000 mm/min 24,000 mm/min
X & Y axes motion Spur Rack and pinion Spur/ Helical Rack and pinion
Z axis motion Ball screw
Guiding mechanism Single linear motion guide with cam follower on cross axis & cam follower arrangement for long axis with medium duty railway rail
Cutting accuracy and dimensional tolerance ISO 9013 class 2
Operator HMI Keypad based HMI, switches on operator panel Touch screen based HMI, switches on operator panel
Operator Seat Yes
Add-on features Plasma Manual bevel, fume extraction table, powder marking, dot punch marking. Plasma Manual bevel, fume extraction table, powder marking, dot punch marking, underwater cutting table, bolt hole cutting, auto gas console
Edge E1S & E2S
Model Edge E1S Edge E2S
Maximum strip cutting torches 9 12
Auto spacing No Optional
Torch vertical motion Manual/ motorized Manual/ motorized
Auto gas console No Optional
Auto ignition Optional Optional
Automatic torch height controller Optional Optional
Edge E1P & E2P
Model Edge E1P Edge E2P
Structures allowed Pipe Pipe / Pipe & tube
Maximum pipe / tube dimensions Pipe Diameter ⌀ 50 mm - 300 mm
Pipe length 6000 mm
Pipe Diameter ⌀ 50 mm - 300 mm
Tube size max. 200 mm x 200 mm
Length 6,000 mm
Chuck clamping Manual / Pneumatic / Hydraulic Manual / Pneumatic / Hydraulic
* The specifications are subject to change on the basis of improvements made in our products.
Certain customizations are possible in the above machines.

Inferno - Edge E1

Inferno - Edge E2

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